Beetles for babies (tribute concert to The Beatles)

Four musicians in motion (violin, clarinet, cello and percussions) and a dancer. Playing instruments, dancing and performing an interactive scenography they invite the youngest audiences, and their parents, to travel to a warm and brightful tribute concert to The Beatles.

Artistic directors: Albert Vilà and Eva Vilamitjana
Choreography: Eva Vilamitjana
Performers: Oriol Aymat (cello),
Carol Duran (violin),
Jose Aladid (clarinet and soprano saxophone),
Albert Vilà (percussions),
Eva Vilamitjana (dancer)
Arrangements: Jordi Bello
Interactive scenography: Anna Carreras
Escenography: La petita malumaluga / Paula Bosch
Dressing design: La petita malumaluga
Ligthing design: Claudi Palomino / La petita malumaluga
Production: Companyia Malumaluga / Percussity Ltd.
Project development: 15.09.2014 – 31.10.2014
Tasks: custom hardware (sensors) and soft development.
Video and photos: La petita malumaluga.
Artistic residence at L’Estruch, Sabadell.