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  • Generative 3D Forms/Sounds

    A custom software developed for Insert Club to generate 3D forms from techno sound. A real-time sound analysis coupled with 3D flocking and wander behaviours creates unique 3D objects. The generated objects are directly exported to a 3D printer format to print them, thus, obtaining physical sounds.


    Idea Creativa: LaDosis
    Guión y Dirección: Manuel Domínguez de la Osa
    Producción: Edu Segurado
    Diseño y Programación: Anna Carreras
    DOP: Oriol Bosch
    Edición i sound design: Aimar Galdós
    BSO: Flug
    Agradecimientos: Pau, L Ex – Designer project Bar, Alessandro di Renzo, CTRlight
    Developed for
    Dates de desenvolupament: 20.07.2017 – 10.10.2017
    Vídeos i fotos: Anna Carreras, Edu Segurado, Manu Domínguez