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  • Freedom of Speech Kit (KLE)

    The kit consist of an electronic portable banner where a user can display messages either using a local physical interface, such a keyboard, or remote interfaces using social networks through internet. Hence there are different entry interfaces: a physical one, so anyone close to the banner can send messages to it, and another one via internet, thus anyone in the world, using a cell phone, a computer or other devices connected to the cloud can send messages to the banner as well.

    The device is built with a series of textiles (both conductors and insulators of electricity) and LEDs, together with a microprocessor and communication modules. All software and hardware design is being documented in an instructions manual, so anyone will be able to build their own kit: a Do-It-Yourself kit. It is delivered under copyleft license, so users are able to improve the design and adapt it to their local circumstances.

    Project web page
    Developed at: Interactivos’13 Medialab Prado.
    Project develoment: 10.04.2013 – 27.04.2013
    Project running: 27.04.2013 – currently
    Tasks: idea, desing circuits, prototiping, sewing soft hardware and coding.
    Article at We make money not art
    Article at Yorokobu nº40 page 51
    Article at Wired UK
    Promoters: Etc Inventions (Chema Blanco, Anna Carreras) and María Solé Bravo.
    Collaborators: Gonzalo Iglesias, Rafael Fernandes, Carlos Fernández, Daniel Alonso, Sonya Ricketts, Andrea Rosales, Soraya Nasser, Echedey Lorenzo, Miguel Fernández, Eva Rueda & Christian Rojo.
    Photos: Chema Blanco, María Solé.
    Video: Carlos Fernandez
    Details at: Google DEV ART