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  • The Hyperlapsed City

    In The Hyperlapsed City visitors are able to ride a stationary bicycle (enabled with sensors) through a simulated representation of Barcelona city streets.

    Riders can turn left, right, ride faster or stop the bicycle and the ride. Travelling through 6 different city routes they can explore and experience a journey along the city.

    The Hyperlapsed City is a contemporary version of The Legible City by Jeffrey Shaw. Instead of a simulated representation of a city constituted by three-dimensional letters, visitors ride through an hyperlapsed version of the city. Hyperlapse photography is a technique that combines time-lapse and sweeping camera movements focused on a point-of-interest. Using this technique riders visit the streets of Barcelona in different seasons, moments and light; all in one ride, all in one city.

    Production: Dive Universe, Laia Gayan.
    Project developed with: David Peñuela.
    Project development: 01.03.2015 – 26.03.2015
    Tasks: custom hardware (sensors) and soft development.
    Idea: Jeffrey Shaw.
    Photos: Vicente Zambrano, Ajuntament de Barcelona.