Màgia per a Pixeloscopi

Màgia per a Pixeloscopi is a one hour show conceived to be represented in a theater scenario that merges mixed and augmented reality and full-body interaction with classical magic to create new tricks. The show was conceived by an interdisciplinary team composed by a magician, two interaction designers, a theater director and a stage designer. The magician uses custom based hardware and software to create new illusions which are a starting point to explore new language for magical expression.

Magician: Màgic Jaïr.
Actress: Fiona Rycroft.
Interaction design: Carles Sora, Anna Carreras.
Script and direction: Carles Sora.
Stage director: Ferran Utzet.
Sound designer: Ariadna Alsina.
Set designer: Martí Baltà.
Project development: 15.09.2008 – 19.12.2008
Performance: 05.11.2009 at Casa Elizalde. 15.05.2010 at Cosmocaixa Barcelona.
Tasks: idea, design, production, coding, installation, performance.
Photos: Marta Farràs. Video: Carles Sora.