Real Madrid museum

The more modern, interactive, and audiovisual Real Madrid’s museum is opening a new room, the “Best Club in History” and it includes an area in honor of Alfredo Di Stefano. The two new rooms are part of a Bernabeu Tour modernization plan that seeks to enrich the visitor’s experience by providing greater interactivity and audiovisual content. The museum also has very technologically advanced facilities and a vanguard and innovative design. Each one of the remodeled areas includes interactive solutions with the latest technology applied to the club’s history.

‘Best Club in History’ interactive room
The new ‘Best Club in History’ room offers an unbeatable audiovisual and interactive experience and leads the visitor through the history of Real Madrid, its list of achievements, players, trophies, symbols, and the great events that have made Real Madrid the only club to have achieved the trophy for the Best Club of the 20th century.

It also includes interactive multi-touch technology, with more than 1,000 graphic documents and videos, many of them unpublished, bringing back the memory of the great moments of Real Madrid and allowing for double navigation through the achievements and history.

Area in Honor of Alfredo Di Stefano
Animated 3-D audiovisuals of the most emblematic plays can also be seen, as well as testimonies of the best players of all time and a large interactive mural, made up of high-definition screens, that makes it possible to delve into the most relevant moments of the personal and sporting life of the honorary president of Real Madrid

Client: Mediapro, Real Madrid CF.
Developed at: Ping Pong Technologies.
Project develoment: july – september 2012
Project running: october 2012 – currently
Tasks: soft development, installations.
Photos: Real Madrid.