Seasons. One year outdoor interactive display

Interactive shop window for the main office of banc Caixa Sabadell, for its 150th anniversary. A motion detection system serves for various games and visual interactions to be installed in the course of the year: winter, Christmas, spring, Saint George’s Day, summer, Saint John’s Day, autumn, La Castanyada (typical Catalan celebration on All Saint’s Day) and winter again. The shop window allows for a projection onto a surface of 3m x 1,5m operated continously for 16 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Client: Shackleton, Caixa Sabadell.
Developed at: Cuatic.
Creative Director: Natalia Rojas.
Project develoment: 01.10.2008 – 15.12.2008.
Project running: 15.12.2008 – 20.10.2009.
Tasks: pedestrians detection, coding, installation.
Photos: Natalia Rojas.