Campus BBVA

Sharing knowledge and encouraging lifelong learning are the main purposes of Campus BBVA. Our team created a set of interactive devices to facilitate access to information on the Campus and the activities offered.

Using cutting-edge technology, and in collaboration with top international universities and business schools, Campus BBVA has been designed to provide a meeting place for the ongoing sharing of knowledge, and to stimulate lifelong learning through courses, talks, forums and seminars. The Campus provides the most advanced facilities in order to offer unique learning and training experiences.

The information and assistance service of the Campus is provided by a number of multi-touch interactive devices disposed around the Campus facilities composed of two multi-touch video walls, several multi-touch interactive tables and a set of multi-touch interactive totems. These instruments allow the user to easily access to information and make interactive queries and consultations of the campus agenda, seminars, conferences and activities.

Client: BBVA.
Developed at: Ping Pong Technologies.
Project develoment: 15.02.2011 – 25.07.2011
Project running: 24.10.2011 – currently
Tasks: coding, development.
Photos: BBVA, Twoelf, Marc Mallafré