Digital graffiti

A digital graffiti wall which uses fake spray paint cans and special flashlights is used as a background set on the shooting of a Smirnoff TV commercial.

Like a real graffiti without the mess, the digital graffiti wall is a large interactive digital screen which uses fake spray paint cans or special mini LED flashlights to let anyone create digital graffiti art. Although the technology is complex, the experience is simple.

To be used as the background set of the Smirnoff TV commercial, a digital graffiti wall sizing 5m x 3m was built and developed. It was composed of a digital paint palette and interface projected on screens with custom images and customized digital spray cans which were used by the graffiti artist to select colors and nozzle widths as well as actually performing and creating his piece.

Client: Twentyfour-seven productions. Smirnoff
Project development: 20.07.2011 – 24.07.2011
Tasks: everything: design, coding, production, installation,…