Emotional skin / Performative Space: Ego Superego

A sensorial journey investigating human interactionand behaviour using bodies and as agents of emotions. Challenge the human consciousness through spatial behaviours and sensibility. Replace our standard mean of interaction with technology creating a responsive space using the body as a way of connecting the two.

Performative space is a workshop to create a sensing spatial experience. The physical space that surrounds us is not an empty space, but is the place where the most complex fluctuations of energy are happening. Our bodies are in constant interaction with such environment. They inform and redefine each other into one single continuous existential experience.

During the workshop, students explore two fields of research: the ‘Body as Interface’ and ‘Performative Spaces’. Complemented by an intensive introduction on the sensorial and perceptual mechanisms in immersive environments, students create a new performance, a responsive environment. The piece focuses on the visualization and sonification in real-time of the relations between body and space, as well as of the changes of proximity of two bodies in physical space.

The performance was entitled Ego Superego and was performed live at the Exhibition of the 16th Creative Marathon at Elisava, School of Design and Engineering in Barcelona on December 18, 2015.


Developed with: Sonia Cillari as the workshop leader.
Project development: 15.12.2015 – 18.12.2015
Tasks: interaction design, detection system development, visuals coding.
Produced for: Elisava’s Creative Marathon 2015.
Photos: Elisava, Sonia Cillari, Martina D’Acosta.
More info and Sonia’s theoretical research.


Marc Alcobé Talló, Marc Alonso Ruiz, Ambar Amill Bosco, Alexandra Ballotta Fuster, Martina D’acosta Turrent, Tine De Kesel, Ricardo Enrich Bertran, Alba Fernández Torres, Alba Garcia Avila, Marina Jimenez Martinez, Sandra Lara Baranera, Maria Llopart Morgades, Ada Maymo Costa, Julia Molins Saura. Judit Morreres Perez, Júlia Rossinyol Colomer, Lara Helena Sabater Muñoz, Sondre Stålerød, Berta Teixido Rodon, Iske Tjolle.