Estratosfèric {2022}

“Estratosfèric” means amazing, awesome. And It is my visual tribute to life!

The title “Estratosfèric” derives from the word “stratum” a layer of rock or sediment. Visually the project also plays with layers. The visual horizontal lamina generated by the algorithm are an allegory to our life experiences piling up.

Happy memories and sad ones, shrinking or going up, all of them creating our complex, diverse and colorful amazing memories.

The layers evolve and feed the next generated panel to create a diptych, a triptych and a 4iptych that has been exhibited in Cortesi Gallery in Milano.

Architectonic details build with parallel lines, add a counterpoint to the organic main visuals. “Estratosfèric” looks like a growing city or a landscape from away and reveals it’s digital essence when you look close.

I’ve pushed the algorithm to create this effect looking to generate visuals that cannot be achieved with any other medium.

Lines expanding from a vanishing point create sharp forms and add some moire effects to the art piece. An intended effect to talk with the works of Gracia Varsico and v3ga plots, also in this collective exhibition.

The glicée prints are huge 123 x 72 cm (48′ x 38′) using Hahnemühle PhotoRag 310gsm getting a nice texture and sharp colors.

This project has been part of the show “Unpredictable Lines” with Gracia Varisco, Julien Gachadoat, Nadieh Bremer and Jean-Jacques Duclaux.