Exhibition Einstein 1905. One Hundred Years of Physics

In 1905, Albert Einstein published five revolutionary articles which contributed to the foundation of modern physics. This exhibition celebrates the anniversary with several installations which allow the visitors to experience the excitement of such fundamental discoveries.

As a part of the exhibition Einstein 1905, One Hundred Years of Physics, displayed in Cosmocaixa, our project is conceived as an installation made up of a computer vision tracking system designed to visualize in real time the Brownian motion of particles by displaying a representation of the particles randomly rolling and colliding before the visitor’s eyes .

Bringing near to the general public abstract non intuitive concepts of Physics is the real challenge of the project. This is achieved through the interaction of visitors with real objects and the experiential approach using interactive and audiovisual resources and devices.

Client: Cosmocaixa Bcn.
Developed at: Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Experimentation on Interactive Communication group.
Main researcher: Dr. Narcís Parés.
Project develoment: 15.01.2005 – 18.02.2005
Exhibition running: 05.10.2005 – 25.04.2007 at Cosmocaixa Bcn.
Tasks: color detection design, coding and museum installation.