Conceive, create and exhibit. Using their fingers as the paintbrush, a tactile drawing station as the canvas and the walls of the building as the exhibition panels, the visitors of Museo de Galicia become the authors of the works surrounding by means of Fluxograma technology.

Fluxograma is a project developed in collaboration with Ramón Illobre and commissioned by the Government of Galicia. It is conceived with the purpose of referring the exhibition’s main idea –the dialogue between contemporary artists ant the different areas of Cidade da Cultura- to the visitors.

Made up of three tactile drawing stations, Fluxograma allows the visitor to generate his own creation with the only means of his fingers. Each screen contains a symbolic number of particles –as many as the people living in the Community of Galicia-, the “virtual paint” that the “artist” turns into the strokes which will draw and create the final design to be shown on the great white canvas: the walls of the museum.

Client: Cidade da Cultura
Project developed with Ramón Illobre
Project develoment: 01.09.2011 – 20.01.2012
Project running: 20.01.2012 – 20.04.2012
Tasks: idea, coding and installation.
Photos: Pixi Arnoso, Cidade da Cultura.