Gaudí Experiència museum

Gaudí Experiència is an audiovisual exhibition space that uses state-of-the-art technology to get inside the mind of a man whose work appears to use computers… long before they had even been invented!

Gaudí Experiència is a new way of finding out about Gaudí and his work delving into the creative universe of this genius of Modernist architecture to discover what lies behind his innovative architectural language.

Interactive walls
Gaudí Experiència boasts three interactive walls – one 6 x 1.5 m wall and two 3.8 x 1.5 m walls – that act as giant multi-user touch tablets. Each wall is made up of several touch-operated high resolution screens and an optical frame. The contents include all of Gaudí’s works structured
around his biography, architectural work, decoration and furniture and the projects he never carried out.

Client: Gaudí Experiència.
Developed at: Ping Pong Technologies.
Project develoment: june – november 2012
Project running: july 2012 – currently
Tasks: soft development.
Photos: Gaudí Experiència.