Kit de Libertad de Expresión (KLE)

A portable digital interactive banner that allows people from all over the world to participate to remote protests by sending and displaying text messages in public space

The Freedom of Speech Kit (Kit de Libertad de Expresión in Spanish) consist of an electronic portable banner where a user can display messages either using a local physical interface, such a keyboard, or remote interfaces using social networks through internet. Hence there are different entry interfaces: a physical one, so anyone close to the banner can send messages to it, and another one via internet, thus anyone in the world, using a cell phone, a computer or other devices connected to the cloud can send messages to the banner as well.

The device is built with a series of textiles (both conductors and insulators of electricity) and LEDs, together with a microprocessor and communication modules. All software and hardware design is being documented in an instructions manual, so anyone will be able to build their own kit: a Do-It-Yourself kit. It is delivered under copyleft license, so users are able to improve the design and adapt it to their local circumstances.

Project web page
Developed at: Interactivos’13 Medialab Prado.
Project develoment: 10.04.2013 – 27.04.2013
Project running: 27.04.2013 – currently
Tasks: idea, desing circuits, prototiping, sewing soft hardware and coding.
Article at We make money not art
Article at Yorokobu nº40 page 51
Article at Wired UK
Promoters: Etc Inventions (Chema Blanco, Anna Carreras) and María Solé Bravo.
Collaborators: Gonzalo Iglesias, Rafael Fernandes, Carlos Fernández, Daniel Alonso, Sonya Ricketts, Andrea Rosales, Soraya Nasser, Echedey Lorenzo, Miguel Fernández, Eva Rueda & Christian Rojo.
Photos: Chema Blanco, María Solé.
Video: Carlos Fernandez
Details at: Google DEV ART