Land Without Words

A project exploring the relations between stage theater and the digital world in Dea Loher’s “Land without words” text

The project begins with the staging of the text “Land without words” by Dea Loher. From the text emerge some concepts as in-communication, difficulties in expressing oneself, and the limits of language and image. Working from the theatrical text, and not vice versa, we investigate the use of new digital media to: draw the viewer to the piece from an earlier time and space proposing an interactive experience to feel what the main character is about to live on stage.

Can we open new relationships between a theatrical piece and the viewer through a technology mediated interactive experience? This project is conceived as a whole that blurs the boundaries between the remote experience —previous and virtual— and the play on stage.

Project: Anna Carreras and Obskené.
Text: Dea Loher.
Translation: Kàtia Pago.
Stage director: Judith Pujol Llop.
Second stage director: Anna Maria Ricart.
Actress: Ilona Muñoz Rizzo.
Set designer: Adrià Pinar.
Pedagogical consultancy: Neus Ballesteros Ventura.
Light designer: Dani Sánchez.
Customs desginer: Giulia Grumi.
Graphic design: Laia Gutiérrez.
Sound design: Aurélie Raoût (Lilou).
Producction: Ilona Muñoz and Judith Pujol.
With images from Maria Beitia and Alba Sotorra.
Project development: 10.08.2012 – 14.11.2013
Performance: 14.11.2013 – 17.11.2013 at Nau Ivanow Barcelona.
Tasks: idea, design, production, coding, installation, performance.
Photos: Paula Maestro, Jordi Buxó.