An OpenFrameworks addon. Control from your computer in real time via DMX protocol any hardware as RGB color lights

An Openframeworks wrapper to use the Nicolaudie’s library to control their usb-dmx interfaces. The OF addon code is available under the MIT License.

Install the Nicolaudie Siudi 6C driver. Copy the ofxDmxSuidi to your openFrameworks/addons folder. Create a new project adding the files and paths as indicated in “install.xml”. Copy the “lib/DasHard2006.dll” to your “bin” folder. Done!

ofxDmxSuidi source code

Nicolaudie usb-dmx interfaces (developer kit)
Nicolaudie Siudi 6C driver and documentation
Driver and code examples

Project development: 1.04.2013 – 15.04.2013
Photos: Anna Carreras