“Rite of Color” at Sónar Innovation Challenge 2016

Rite of Color it’s an initiation ritual to be experienced in a hidden space, to prepare you for the coming event. A proposal to boost hidden experiences that can influence the nightlife in unexpected ways fusing music, art and technology.

Rite of Color it’s an initiation ritual to be experienced in a hidden space, to prepare you for the event.
Selection: Choose and internalize your color (select and drink a colored shot).
Magnification: Enter the space. Your color appears on you, and intensifies visually and audibly, morphing from symbolic
shapes to abstract forms, until it dominates the whole space.
Embodiment: Your color condenses into a small glass bottle, only visible in blacklight. Take it with you, as a reminiscent of your choice.

Rite of Color has a digital shot selection table, sensing and reflecting the choice of color. The initiate picks the color by choosing and swallowing the shot on the table, internalizing that color. This represents a symbolic association of self and mood, a symbol for remembering.

Upon entering the ritual space, the swallowed shot appears on your body through body recognition and a projection system. The fluid metamorphoses into symbolic objects, creating a subliminal base of associations. Slowly these visuals transform into more abstract forms, as the selected color also grows in strength and dominates the space. The space contains fog machines, mirrors, LED strips, RGB spotlights, to extend the light characteristics.

Each color triggers a different melody of a certain instrument and scheme to be generated in the space. The intensification of color is accompanied by morphing the melody into abstract sounds. Another property of the sound is that it reacts spatially, moving as the person also moves.

The projection and lighting cuts to darkness, and a blacklight fades in to reveal the selected color inside a glowing
glass bottle. It is the embodiment of of your selection in a physical object. The bottle is a gift to the initiate, reminding
them of their experience. Glass container bottles are an analogy to the medicine bottles that inspired the design. The bottles can contain blacklight ink (to be used as a creative tool) or the bottles can be produced with a UV reactive materials.


Team: Susa Pankrath, Claudia Oliveira, Anna Carreras, Matthew Gingold, Tamer Aslan
Mentors: Tom Szirtes, Warren Galt, Monika Rikić
Project Partners: Andrew O’Sullivan, Cameron Worth, Robert Cross
Developed at Sónar 2016 as part of the Sónar Innovation Challenge