Roca Barcelona Gallery

World leader in bathroom spaces Roca resorts to cutting-edge technology to equip its brand’s new flagship building with interactive installations which entice the visitor to a unique and sensory experience.

The Roca Barcelona Gallery occupies 2.400 square meters, divided into two floors equipped with the most advanced audiovisual and lighting technology allowing the visitor to interact with the building. And interactive installation, large multitouch tables and a touchless interactive catalogue are set up ready to be played with by the visitor.

Rituals is an interactive installation that reveals our intimate moments in front of the bathroom mirror with a life-size projection. Simulating the glass steaming up, an interactive vapour covers the screen and evaporates when triggered by the visitor’s movements.

No-touch interactive catalogue
On the upper floor there is an interactive catalogue, which uses an innovative, agile and entertaining touchless interface to enable the visitor to browse a catalogue of photos.

Large multitouch tables
In the centre of the first floor, twelve interactive tables allow visitors to quickly and intuitively find key information about the brand, such as design, sustainability, innovation and research.

Client: Boolab, Tiempo BBDO, Roca.
Developed at: Cuatic.
Creative Director: Natalia Rojas.
Project development: 15.04.2009 – 01.09.2009
Project running: 01.09.2009 – currently
Tasks: design, production, coding and technology director.
Photos and videos: Roca, TiempoBBDO, Boolab, OAB, Alejo Bagué.