“Seasons” interactive display

Outdoor giant display allows interaction to everyone that walks by in Sabadell’s city centre. Each season different visual interaction games are presented.

Interactive shop window for the main office of banc Caixa Sabadell, for its 150th anniversary. A motion detection system serves for various games and visual interactions to be installed in the course of the year: winter, Christmas, spring, Saint George’s Day, summer, Saint John’s Day, autumn, La Castanyada (typical Catalan celebration on All Saint’s Day) and winter again. The shop window allows for a projection onto a surface of 3m x 1,5m operated continuously for 16 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Client: Shackleton, Caixa Sabadell.
Developed at: Cuatic.
Creative Director: Natalia Rojas.
Project develoment: 01.10.2008 – 15.12.2008.
Project running: 15.12.2008 – 20.10.2009.
Tasks: pedestrians detection, coding, installation.
Photos: Natalia Rojas.