Super Easy Bezier Shapes Reacting Mapping

A super easy way to create interactive mappings. Draw a bézier shape, choose the color, the stroke, it’s transparency or the texture in real time and explore the visual result of your performance.

Super Easy Bézier Shapes Reacting Mapping it’s a tool to facilitate create interactive mappings. Just draw the shapes of the building in front of you, the shapes of an object or the shapes of some cardboard letters.
After drawing the shape, in real time, from your computer or mobile device, just choose their filling color, their stroke, the transparency or their texture (using images and videos).
Perform, choose, VJ and explore the visual results.

How it works? The geek corner
The Super Easy Bezier Shapes Reacting Mapping uses the ofxBezierEditor addon for OpenFrameworks to draw and create the shapes. It creates a mask with them to merge with images and videos to create the desired effects, controlling also the color and stroke.

Project development: 01.08.2014 – 25.08.2014
Tasks: idea, soft development, visuals.
Photos and video: Anna.