“Trossets” at ArtBlocks curated {2021}

Trossets explores the emergence of diversity. Combining twelve construction blocks the system generates endless patterns with a unique result each iteration. Trossets /trusɛts/ means parts, blocks, pieces and it’s my particular homage to a classical generative system, the multiscale Truchet tiles. The systems plays an interlocking blocks game creating unexpected drawings with colors borrowed from the Mediterranean.

Trossets was distributed to collectors through ArtBlocks.io Curated. Trossets is a long-form generative art project and algorithm, hosted on the Ethereum blockchain, with 1.000 editions.

You can browse Trossets images on Filter Blocks or Archipelago, which have great tools for filtering images by traits.

And you can collect them on the secondary market through OpenSea.


If you own one of the minted 1.000 Trossets token, and can prove wallet ownership, you are eligible to purchase a limited edition, archival-quality print signed and dated by the artist, corresponding to the token # that you own.

Details to order your print here.